Take proper care of your cleaning equipment


Make your job easier with our Housekeeping. Manage tasks and share up-to-the-minute information in real time.

Rack from cleaning

Avoid words. Save time.

Visual, dynamic and easy to use.


Add tasks in the floor notes so that the whole team is informed about your guests' requests.

You will be able to configure them for a specific date or period and mark them as completed once they are done.

Need to remind your team to perform certain tasks days after check-in or days before check-out? No problem. Automate what you need with simple macros that you can manage with our partners.

"You save countless hours with automated accounting."

Communication a time real

Through Hotelgest's PMS or APP, you will be able to control who and where is cleaning at that moment. You will be able to see who and what is cleaning, the time they have been cleaning, and the remaining time they have left, based on approximations of previous uses.


like philosophy from life

Our housekeeping will take into account the arrival time of the reservation and will prioritize it.

The team will be able to clean that room urgently and the early check-in will be a success.

If, for whatever reason, your guest goes ahead with his autonomous entry, don't worry, he won't be able to enter until your team gives the go-ahead.

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