All your properties. As one.

System multi-ownership

We offer you control, management and monitoring in a single platform.

Together, but no scrambled.

Our system allows you to simultaneously control and manage as many properties as you need, each one with its permissions predetermined by you. 

"The most advanced management I have ever seen."
Multi-property, multi-account, multi-solutions.

Combines several establishments as one.

Merges receptions, streamlines equipment.

Invest in our cloud-based PMS to find your big relief.

Whatever you do, you're covered.

Merges properties
You will be able to unify your accounts in the same one or have several, each one with its own characteristics.
Lots of users, lots of control
Create users with customized access, different profiles for multiple management. Work with all properties at the same time or switch from one property to another in just one click. You are in charge.
The same, many times.
Diversify collections with different POS, connect different POS, use different locations or even differentiate police forces. Each typology can be unique.
Everything is shared
Share keys, clients, products, accounting accounts. Divide and manage your accommodations as one, choosing what to share and when.

The flexibility from the large, the simplicity from the small.

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