Direct connection with agencies

Manage your prices a the letter

We provide you with a dynamic and intuitive pricing system, full of tools to manage your prices as they should be.

Compare, filter, sort and export from a single platform.


Manage the prices of all your portals through a single panel. You will be able to define prices according to seasons, channels, occupancy, regime and policy.

Link from rates

Tool to link tariffs with other tariffs. This way, when you change a price, it will be changed in all the other rates. Save time and be efficient.

"More of what you need, in the best way."
"One calendar, dozens of tools."

Edita manually

Automatic download of reservations

Manually sets, increases or decreases prices for a period of time or for specific days.

Filtering system to make it easier for you to find your rates and prices in the rates panel.
Creation of tariffs
Create and configure the rates manually depending on your needs and those of your business.

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