SPA's y Restaurants.

Your SPA and restaurant, more united than ever.

"Automatically receives items
POS in seconds".

The external.

Very natives.

Integrations. A single interface.

Connect Revo, Agora or Spalopia and you will be able to manage your SPA and Restaurant like never before.

Although they are third-party platforms, they have all complied with our certification and will appear to be part of our suite of tools.

You can automatically receive the items, each of them can be associated with analytical accounting and you can generate invoices with independent lines, if you wish, with a click.

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Easily identify items with corporate logo and color.

Room charges
We send the hotel information so you know who is there and where. Add items to the reservation and you will see it instantly reflected in the PMS.
Billing lines
Invoice all items in the same line of the hotel, or create as many lines as you need and separate the invoicing according to your needs.

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