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We offer the best software solution to manage smoothly and successfully the day-to-day running of your hostel/hostel.

Hotelgest covers all your needs with tools to streamline your operations and manage your property the way you want.



From the control panel, you will be able to check your hotel inventory and manage your room and bed sales.

 Don't let a sale or opportunity slip through your fingers.

"The most advanced management I have ever seen."
"Features you didn't even know you needed."


like never formerly lo has seen.

Program interactive templates to arrive automatically to your guests days before their arrival. 

With a simple link you can access the most advanced online check-in, pay for your reservation, find out what to do in the area with city guides and much more.

If your guest also responds, you will be able to respond from the PMS itself, right in their reservation.

Airbnb, Hostelworld, Hotelbeds, Booking y many more.

Connectivity with the channel manager so that you can offer your rooms and/or beds in the different reference portals.

Manage everything in a single panel thanks to our advanced system. 

"The most advanced management I have ever seen."

Management from reservations

Also in timeshare

In Hotelgest we have the system designed in such a way that between all your hotels there is a link between control panels. Where you will be able to move and modify properties in an agile way and without worrying about losing any reservation or data. 


From a single interface you will be able to control all your hotels in a secure way and collect the data you need with different filters. 100% adapted to you. 


From the platform and control panel, you will be able to manage cleaning times and give the orders to be executed both manually and automatically and put the automatic sale the room again.

We achieve this by being linked to the most important channels in the market.

With this process what we offer is to speed up this cleaning or maintenance process. y avoid downtime between the different services. If we take too long to publish the room to the channels we lose money. And Hoitelgest does not want that for its clients.
"You save countless hours with automated accounting."

Accounting y timeshare

We have a system implemented in Hotelgest capable of managing accounting and your multi-property reservations in an effective, easy and automated way. Vicnulada with each of your partners such as the restaurant or extras such as SPA. All this in the same platform where we collect the amounts and concepts and generate the invoice automatically. 

All these functions and more linked to all your hotels where you can choose the same invoice numbering for all or separate them by references. 

Reception autonomous

Transform your hostel into a more than modern place with the autonomous reception; online check in, automatic payments and digital keys. 

All included in the guest App with notification of the reservation via WhatsApp to your customer. 

Automatic invoices linked to your hotel services such as restaurants or different activities offered.

Automatic data reading.

Web link. No downloads.

Just take a picture of any type of document and we will extract the data automatically.

If the document has a profile picture, we will ask for a selfie and do the facial validation allowing an autonomous reception.

PIN or Swipe

100% automatic. 100% wow.

Once the payment and deposit are completed, in one click, the guest will have access to the keys. Simply swipe to open or type in the PIN.

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